Y O G A   R O O M


A S H & A M Y

Hi, We're Ash and Amy, we are partners in life and now partners in this yoga studio.We became BF and GF in 2010 and have an amazing little human called Flora, we live in a cosy house under the trees on the Avenues. 

W E  L O V E  H U M A N S 

We are passionate about making Happy, Healthy, Humans! We work everyday to spread happiness to the other humans we meet. Our passion is creating a positive impact on other peoples lives. 

O U R   P R O M I S E 

We want you to feel part of our Yoga Fam. You will always see a happy smiling face when you enter our studio and we will make sure you experience a great practice when you visit us.

B E   I N S P I R E D

We live and breathe a healthy lifestyle, we also understand that life is about balance and we hope to inspire positive changes in your life. If we can make that happen then that makes us happy.