I love information, I love researching and developing my knowledge and understanding of the mind and body so I’m able to put this into my practice and teaching. 

There is huge amounts of information that are flooded into our brain everyday, especially on social media (apologies for adding more information to your brain) I constantly come across conflicting scientific studies or articles. In the last week I’ve read 3 conflicting articles on intermittent fasting, 4 conflicting studies on the pros and cons of strength training (latest study states strength training can be bad for the ventricles in your heart as it builds a stiff muscle wall) a study stating that aerobic endurance training with less than 70% max heart rate response is the healthiest form of aerobic exercise for long term health (debunking the HIIT theory.)

There’s no wonder why people find exercising/moving their body so daunting. Teachers and trainers can be very dogmatic about their way being the best based on what they’ve learned. I always recommend listening to your mind and body. Sounds too simplistic doesn’t it? If you sense that somethings wrong and needs changing then work on it to improve upon it and try not to get caught up in dogma of everyone that is vying for your attention on these platforms. 

The way I schedule my workout/movement/yoga routine is trying to get out into woodland or trails at least once a week for a run or a wild workout (climbing trees, balancing, lifting and throwing logs etc) I like to move at least 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before bed, this may be yoga, joint range conditioning or natural movement, or a mix of the three. It’s also important to include movement snacks into your daily routine. Dance, balance, shake, jump for a minute or two whenever you feel the natural urge to do so or if you’ve been sedentary for over half an hour.

We have lots of yoga classes on our timetable. We also have a movement class called Move that will improve your health as well as challenge you physically and mentally. If you’re looking for yoga in Hull we have you covered!

Ashley Foster