5 Tips to improve your mental health

T I P S / Here are 5 tips that have helped me manage my mental health. As someone that has suffered from depression and manages my anxiety with mindfulness, these things really help and could help you.

1️⃣ MOVE. Move your body more. Blood starts to flow around your body and to your brain. If you do a workout, run, hike or long walk you get natural high endorphins flooding your brain which boost your mental wellbeing. If your feeling anxious you may feel the need to move to channel the negativity out of your mind, listen to your intuition and move.

2️⃣ HOBBY. Find yourself a hobby that you can put your energy and focus into when you need some ‘you’ time. Very important that you look after yourself otherwise you won’t have any energy to give to others.

3️⃣ READ. Use your brain. Learn from reading more. Challenge your brain to read something that your not quite sure you understand. Read it a few times to get an understanding. This challenge is effectively exercising your brain. 🧠.

4️⃣ MEDITATE. Numerous scientific studies have shown how beneficial meditating is for your mental health. You respond to stress and negative emotions in a less reactive way.

5️⃣ NEW THING. Find something that you’ve always fancied doing but never given yourself the time to learn and start learning a new thing. For example, I started getting ideas out of my head on to canvas and creating some art, I took up rock climbing, put my efforts into handstands, now I’m out trail running and I’m not even a particularly big fan of running but it’s a new challenge that my brain and body have to adapt to. You have the ability to learn throughout your life thanks to neuro-plasticity, use that ability.

Let me know your thoughts on this and if you can add any of these to your life..

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Ashley Foster