Don't wait until new year – DO IT NOW!

This weeks blog is from our teacher Emma Heald, it’s a very appropriate blog post for this time of the year as we head towards the end of 2018…

A dear friend of mine, Liz Goodchild, is a brilliant life coach. She helps people understand and tap into their fullest potential and she also wears a watch with no hands on it. All the watch says on the watch face is 'Do it now'. I used to find it really funny because I am someone who likes to take my time and think about things and she is quick to action, we worked together brilliantly in my previous role.

'Do it now' is an immediate call to action that often gets overlooked as our lives are cleverly scheduled by the world of consumerism. For example we buy chocolate as gifts for certain times of year, only eat sprouts at Christmas and save our new year resolutions for January yet how different would or could our lives be if we removed these perceived constraints and controls and DID IT NOW!

As we move into the autumnal months there is still around 7 weeks until we hit the January new year resolutions phase and it is a brilliant time to start a new hobby, get the house cleansed and stocked up for winter and be in action. Children head back to school and nature is busy – squirrels stocking up for hibernation, trees beginning to shake their leaves and farmers beginning the work needed for winter so that the cycle of harvest can happen again next year.

This is a great time to head to yoga too! A yoga practice gives the body time to move and rest, to ease off tightness and stiffness, tune into relaxation through breath technique and also gives the opportunity to meet great people – there is a strong sense of community within a yoga class and often its the chatting before and after class that places a smile of my face.  Since moving here in 2016 many people have come to yoga and often say “I wish I had started sooner” yet they soon realise that the most important thing is that they have started! It doesn't matter what your level is, as long as you create time in your day to come along it is that which matters.

So if you have been thinking about it for a while and are curious about the benefits of a yoga practice please do join me at the Yoga Room (£7.00). You can book for your first class with Emma from our class timetable page.

And remember as my friend says “don't wait – do it now” and you will be feeling the benefits so much sooner than the January new year resolutions arrive!

By Emma Heald

Ashley Foster